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21 Tips To Improve Your Mental Health + Easy Ways To Incorporate Them

anxiety Oct 09, 2020
By Dr. Patrick Zitt, DC, DNM, MS



How to apply this list without overwhelm: Start by choosing just one or two suggestions to follow today and going forward. After you have made it a routine part of your life, choose the next suggestion to apply.  


Focus on your strengths

No one is good at everything. There are brilliant minds who struggle with relationships. There are talented artists who cannot balance their checkbooks. We forgive our heroes for their shortcomings and so should forgive ourselves all the more.

Make it easy: Jot down a list of your strengths, from the abstract (“I’m a good listener”) to the tangible (“I make the best meatloaf”). Then, put energy into those things every day. You’ll get a confidence boost and those around you will benefit from you encouraging your best self.


Set realistic goals

Goal setting is very personal. Some have goals to get into law school while others have goals of putting on...

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