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From one-on-one customized programs to independent and even free courses, it is my goal to offer tools and encouragement for everyone to reach their health goals and start living their best life!

One-On-One Functional Wellness Service


If you are looking for a personalized wellness experience, my concierge programs may be for you.

In this level of care, we work together to optimize your health, tackling the underlying issues that are keeping you from thriving.

My recommendations will include the most appropriate functional lab testing to assess what's happening in YOUR body, nutritional and lifestyle guidance tailored to your unique physiology, and any necessary supplement support to help get results.

My goal is not to simply label then treat your symptoms, but to discover the root cause of them so we can address the dysfunction at it's core.


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Group Functional Wellness Program



My upcoming group program will combine the affordability of large scale, impersonal programs with the connectedness and doctor access of a one on one program.


The Anxiety Liberation Project


This 7 week, independent study course will walk you through the lifestyle enhancements that are scientifically proven to have a significant impact on the experience of anxiety. Gain a better understand of the physical mechanisms and triggers of anxiety so you can reduce or prevent feelings of overwhelming anxiety.  These are the strategies I use in my own life and with my one on one patients.

Perfect for anyone looking for a natural alternative or companion to traditional anxiety therapies.

Improved format! You can now go at your own pace. Follow the 7-week framework or progress as you're comfortable, it's your choice! 


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Free "Back to Basics" Challenge


My "Back to Basics" 10 Day Challenge is a wonderful place for anyone to begin, but especially those just beginning their health journey.

Embracing the philosophy that good health doesn't have to be complicated, you will learn to incorporate the four most foundational principles of a balanced, healthy life.


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Josh K.

" energy level has tripled, my focus is on point and I can remember stuff...I didn't know that I could feel this good! I cant wait to see how much better I will feel tomorrow, or next week, or next year!!..."

Emily H.

"Without a doubt, Dr. Zitt has been the most thorough and meticulous physician I've ever worked with...His unmatched intelligence and skill pair incredibly well with his heart and desire to see each of his patients thrive at a level of optimum health..."

Jeff R.

"...After living in pain for 2 years and wasting thousands of dollars on medical bills, I finally contacted Dr. Zitt, who quickly diagnosed my condition...Within 2 weeks of being on the protocol Dr. Zitt recommended, I felt a huge difference..."

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