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Does this sound like you?

"My doctors can't figure it out."

"I've tried everything."

"Nothing works."

"I'm so tired of feeling this way."

If you've been passed from doctor to doctor, tried various fixes, or have even been told there is nothing you can do for your condition except "manage" it, then it's time to try something new.

The way I see it, there are two major problems with our current healthcare system:

Problem #1: No in depth investigation. A lack of insurance reimbursement and doctor time leads to quick, surface-level "diagnosis", which are often just fancy names for a grouping of symptoms and not a real answer.

Problem #2: Quick fixes over root cause resolution. Patients are often told there's nothing they can do but take a prescription to manage symptoms.

The solution is simple: Dig as deep as you can to find the underlying dysfunction manifesting the symptoms. Then, address those core dysfunctions so that symptoms resolve on their own, creating true health in the process.

As simple as this idea is, it is also radical, exciting, and highly effective

If you're looking for a doctor who will truly listen, take the time to investigate, and work with you as a partner to reach your health goals, then let's do something different together.

My Programs Address The Root Causes Of...

Low Energy
Digestive Distress
Hormone Imbalance
Metabolic Issues
Poor Sleep
Stubborn Weight

Twana L.

"Dr. Zitt personalizes the program specifically for each individual and maintains close contact with you throughout your journey."

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Stephanie A.

"I have never received this high level of care from any practitioner or clinic I have visited in the past.” 

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It is my goal to make great health accessible to everyone. Whether you opt into my free 10 Day Challenge or choose concierge service, there's something for every need and budget.

Discover How We Can Work Together

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