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The potential for optimal health lives within you. Let us help you find the path. 

Anxiety Liberation Project

Break free from anxiety and overbearing stress. Our evidence based, seven week program addresses the root cause of anxiety so you can take your power back.

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Private Practice

You have the opportunity to work one on one with Dr. Zitt to address the root cause of your chronic conditions or optimize your already good health.

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We understand that telemedicine and online courses are new to most and can be a little intimidating. Get to know the smiling faces behind the emails.

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Learn how Functional Medicine is shaking up the medical world and challenging everything we thought we knew about restoring health.  

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The very supplements Dr. Zitt gives to his family and recommends to his patients are available to all. Have questions? We can help guide you to the right solution.

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Josh K.

" energy level has tripled, my focus is on point and I can remember stuff...I didn't know that I could feel this good! I cant wait to see how much better I will feel tomorrow, or next week, or next year!!..."

Emily H.

"Without a doubt, Dr. Zitt has been the most thorough and meticulous physician I've ever worked with...His unmatched intelligence and skill pair incredibly well with his heart and desire to see each of his patients thrive at a level of optimum health..."

Jeff R.

"...After living in pain for 2 years and wasting thousands of dollars on medical bills, I finally contacted Dr. Zitt, who quickly diagnosed my condition...Within 2 weeks of being on the protocol Dr. Zitt recommended, I felt a huge difference..."

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