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Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Quick Bread

By Melissa Zitt


If there is one thing I have learned after years of avoiding gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and processed oils, it's that you really don't need any of those things to make something delicious.

This chocolate zucchini quick bread (or muffins) is everything you could want in a healthy indulgence:

  • High protein
  • Low(ish) carb
  • Healthy fats
  • Grain free
  • Refined sugar free
  • Hidden veggies
  • Chocolate
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy cleanup
  • Foolproof

I adapted this recipe from the Gluten Free Palate to include more veggies, protein, and gooey chocolatey goodness.

Great results every time.

Over the past few weeks I have made several batches and I discovered that you cannot mess this recipe up. I have added protein powder and left it out. I used a small zucchini and then a large one. I got distracted and left the loaf in the oven about 10 minutes too long. And even though I suppose there were slight differences between the batches, they each received their own rave...

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21 Tips To Improve Your Mental Health + Easy Ways To Incorporate Them

anxiety Oct 10, 2020
By Dr. Patrick Zitt, DC, DNM, MS



How to apply this list without overwhelm: Start by choosing just one or two suggestions to follow today and going forward. After you have made it a routine part of your life, choose the next suggestion to apply.  


Focus on your strengths

No one is good at everything. There are brilliant minds who struggle with relationships. There are talented artists who cannot balance their checkbooks. We forgive our heroes for their shortcomings and so should forgive ourselves all the more.

Make it easy: Jot down a list of your strengths, from the abstract (“I’m a good listener”) to the tangible (“I make the best meatloaf”). Then, put energy into those things every day. You’ll get a confidence boost and those around you will benefit from you encouraging your best self.


Set realistic goals

Goal setting is very personal. Some have goals to get into law school while others have goals of putting on...

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How To Introduce A Yoga Practice To Your Kids

exercise kids parenting yoga Aug 15, 2020
By Melissa Zitt

Yoga is having its time, and for good reason. This ancient practice of aligning mind and body helps foster focus, creativity, calm, strength, flexibility, awareness, and overall health.

Yoga boasts the same benefits for kids!

A growing body of research strongly suggests that yoga improves the following for kids:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Aerobic fitness and endurance
  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Sleep
  • Behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Symptoms of ADHD
  • Academic performance


Why yoga?

Yoga increases proprioception for kids and adults. Proprioception is your awareness of where your body is in space. A strong sense of proprioception is important in athletic activities, playing musical instruments, writing, etc. It also plays a large role in a child’s focus, speech, alertness, and self-regulation.

In adolescence, the mind and body develop at a rapid pace. When kids practice yoga during this developmentally pivotal time, it encourages an even deeper mind and body connection.


Tips for...

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Why You Should Consider Smoothies For Breakfast + My Favorite Recipes!

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020
By Melissa Zitt


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When the weather gets warmer, I find myself trading my usual breakfast of eggs and avocado for a beefed-up smoothie.

I love “smoothie season” for so many reasons:

  • It is an easy way to balance nutrients, macros, and calories.
  • They are super-fast to make and even faster to clean up.
  • I can drink my breakfast while doing other elements in my morning routine.
  • It is one less meal I have to cook.
  • I can make extra for the kids to have as a snack later in the day.


When done right, a morning smoothie easily checks all the nutritional boxes:

Protein: This power macronutrient is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle, skin, bones, and blood. The average American consumes enough protein at dinner but gets very little in the morning, when it is arguably more useful. This is because protein intake is a precursor to the production of dopamine and...

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The BEST Paleo Protein Hot Chocolate with Coconut Whipped Cream

By Melissa Zitt



Who doesn’t love hot cocoa?

If you’re following a dairy or sugar free lifestyle though, you may have thought this indulgence was lost to you forever.

WELL MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! Because we’re bringing you a hot chocolate recipe that is:

  • High Protein
  • Low carb and ketogenic diet adaptable
  • Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free

What’s even better? This recipe is as simple as opening up a packet of Swiss Miss. No crazy substitutions or chemistry experiments to make it taste like the real deal.

Of course you can get fancy if you wanted to. Add a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, a dash or two of cinnamon and nutmeg or even a dollop of coconut whipped cream (betchya thought you couldn't have whipped cream anymore either!)

So! Light a fire, turn on a Hallmark Christmas movie and sip on this delicious hot chocolate.


Why we chose Designs For...

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