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In Depth Investigation

We optimize our patients' health by utilizing powerful investigative techniques and natural biological support. We start by launching an intensive exploration into the patient’s health experience followed by thorough diagnostic testing and analysis. It is the depth and scope of this investigation that sets our functional medicine practice apart from today's conventional medical practices. The result is a comprehensive understanding of why symptoms are present. Armed with that knowledge, we are able to address the condition at its core. Using natural methods such as targeted nutrition, potent supplements, and applicable lifestyle changes, we resolve the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal function and health. 

Virtual Practice

We deliver our care through video chat, email and patient portals. This allows us to offer unmatched versatility to our patients. We understand that life is busy and getting healthy takes effort.  We save our patients precious time by eliminating back and forth trips to an office, allowing the opportunity to meet with us from anywhere! Our system of meeting “face to face” via video chat gives our patients the flexibility they desire while maintaining a superior level of personalized care.

Our Commitment To You

We hear you. We see you. And we are here for you.

We believe that you know your body best and that your experience is an invaluable diagnostic tool. Our desire is to have a complete understanding of your history, current lifestyle, limitations and goals before making any clinical decisions. The story you share, in addition to our objective findings, guides our recommendations for how we can best support your health. Each plan we present is fully customized and individually tailored to your needs and goals. Then, we support you in any way we can throughout your program so that a life free from chronic disease becomes your reality.


Discuss your complaints and health goals during our completely FREE consultation! Together, we will determine if our program is a good fit for you.


Through detailed intake forms and comprehensive lab testing and analysis, we determine the underlying causes to your complaints.


If you choose, I will create a nutritional and lifestyle plan customized to your unique physiology that will address your needs and support your health goals.


Plentiful resources, monthly telephone check-ins, and unlimited email access will ensure that your questions are answered and help foster your success.

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