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Josh K.

" energy level has tripled, my focus is on point and I can remember stuff...I didn't know that I could feel this good! I cant wait to see how much better I will feel tomorrow, or next week, or next year!!..."

Emily H.

"Without a doubt, Dr. Zitt has been the most thorough and meticulous physician I've ever worked with...His unmatched intelligence and skill pair incredibly well with his heart and desire to see each of his patients thrive at a level of optimum health..."

Jeff R.

"...After living in pain for 2 years and wasting thousands of dollars on medical bills, I finally contacted Dr. Zitt, who quickly diagnosed my condition...Within 2 weeks of being on the protocol Dr. Zitt recommended, I felt a huge difference..."

Are You Ready To Finally Feel Better?

Almost every patient I have worked with has seen many other practitioners before me.  They have had a few tests and have cycled through various prescriptions. They have tried this diet and that supplement. Joined this gym or drank that shake. Maybe they felt a little better, maybe not.

It's not that those things don't work. They just hadn't found the solutions perfectly suited for their unique physiology. How do you know what the right solution is for you? 

By knowing exactly WHY you are experiencing symptoms.

Here's an example: Someone with terrible chronic gut distress is diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). When a friend asks, "Why does your stomach hurt" they reply, "It's my IBS."

But "IBS" isn't the problem. What is causing the IBS? Inflammation? Gluten sensitivity? Bacterial overgrowth? Okay great, now, what is causing those problems? By digging deep and peeling back as many layers as possible, we can address the root systemic issues so that you can truly heal. 

I don't treat diseases. I help you discover the imbalances in your body that are keeping you from experiencing your full potential for health. 

If you're ready to truly begin your healing process, you're in the right place!

System Balancing Can Impact These Conditions

Low Energy
Digestive Issues
Metabolic Issues

What Makes PHF Different?

Patients in my virtual clinic are experiencing restored energy, balanced hormones, fewer aches and pains, clearer skin, improved labs, stabilized blood sugar, and healthy weight loss. 

It is not uncommon for me to hear "I have seen x number of doctors but now I finally feel better!" So, what's the difference?

In Depth Investigation

You can't get to where you want to be unless you know where you currently are. My relationship with each patient begins with an intensive exploration into their health experience followed by thorough diagnostic testing and analysis. It is the depth and scope of this investigation that sets my functional medicine practice apart from today's conventional medical practices. The result is a comprehensive understanding of why symptoms are present.

Treat The Patient, Not The Disease

Armed with the "why", I am able to directly support the dysfunctioning systems contributing to many common complaints. Using natural methods such as targeted nutrition, potent supplements, and applicable lifestyle changes, balance is restored in the body. From this place of balance, the body can often resolve many diagnosed issues on its own, without the use of pharmaceutical intervention.

My Commitment To You

hear you. I see you. And I am here for you.

I believe that you know your body best and that your experience is an invaluable diagnostic tool. My desire is to have a complete understanding of your history, current lifestyle, limitations and goals before making any clinical decisions. The story you share, in addition to my objective findings, guides my recommendations for how I can best support your health. Each plan I present is fully customized and individually tailored to your needs and goals. Then, I support you in any way I can throughout your program so that a life free from chronic disease becomes your reality.

From The Comfort of Home

I deliver my care through video chat, telephone, email and patient portal chat. This allows me to offer unmatched versatility to my patients. I understand that life is busy and getting healthy takes effort.  The virtual setting saves patients precious time by eliminating back and forth trips to an office, allowing the opportunity to meet with me from anywhere! Though it is the patient's choice, I like to meet “face to face” via video chat so we can establish a relationship while maintaining comfort and flexibility.

How Does It Work? 


In a free Discovery Call, we will discuss your history, health goals, and questions. Together, we will determine if my services are a good fit for you and if so, the investment you can expect.


Through detailed virtual conversations and comprehensive lab testing and analysis, I discover the underlying causes of your complaints and discuss them with you in detail.


If you choose, I will create a nutritional and lifestyle plan customized to your unique physiology that will address your needs and support your health goals.


Plentiful resources, dedicated check-ins, unlimited access to me, and the ability to alter the plan will help to facilitate your lifestyle changes, and foster your success.

Unsure How To Choose?

Deciding whose hands to put your health and hard earned money into is a big deal. To help you, I created a consumer's guide to choosing the right functional wellness practitioner including the 5 costly misconceptions to avoid and a checklist to use when making your decision.


Download "Choosing The Right Functional Wellness Practice Guide"

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