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The Purpose of Anxiety

Discover WHY you experience anxiety (and why medication only addresses a small portion of the issue). Knowing the purpose is a critical component to addressing it. 

5 Proven Techniques

Learn 5 evidence based ways to stop the symptoms of acute anxiety, FAST, by addressing the cause at the source instead of covering up the symptoms. 

Your Go-To Plan

Know how to implement these techniques immediately so the next time you feel stress or anxiety overtake you, you'll be prepared!

Watch The FREE Anxiety Workshop

Let me give you the tools you need to bring calm into your life.

The next time you feel overwhelming stress or acute anxiety, you'll be prepared with the techniques from this FREE workshop. In this workshop, we'll cover:

  • 5 essential techniques to address acute anxiety at the core.
  • The simple (and immediate) secret to calming a racing heart and rapid breath.
  • A clever hack that makes a common technique much more effective.
  • Why telling yourself to calm down doesn’t work.
    That you can change your experience of anxiety.
  • The ultimate guide to dive deeper into what is really behind your chronic anxiety.

Helping others get to the root of their anxiety is what I do. I want to give you these 5 techniques to calm acute anxiety attacks because I have faith in their efficacy and power!

Watch The FREE Anxiety Workshop

This free acute anxiety workshop is perfect for you if:


  • You feel like anxiety has taken over your life.

  • Anxious thoughts interfere with your work, social life, or relationships.

  • You're tired of trying to cover up the symptoms.

  • You wonder why you can’t feel “like everybody else”.

  • Decisions are made based on fear rather than courage.

  • After trying everything, you see little to no progress.

  • You are losing hope that an anxiety free life is possible.

PS: This workshop is not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychiatric conditions.

Watch The FREE Workshop

My Story

I started having severe panic attacks when I began college - in classrooms, during social events, and even when I was at home alone. After the first panic attack, I was left with an underlying sense of anxiety that just stayed with me, this constant fear that another attack would happen any moment.

I was prescribed antidepressants and benzodiazepines but soon developed multiple side effects and felt like a zombie. My entire treatment hinged on symptom cover ups - no conversation about my imbalanced lifestyle, no therapist referral, just two prescriptions that I assume I was meant to take forever. 

After almost 15 years of dealing with anxiety I had reached my limits. The level of pain, fear, and anger was finally enough to spur me into action. I had already seen how the principles of functional medicine helped my patients address the root causes of a long list of conditions, so why not anxiety? After much study, practice, experiments, and revisions, I discovered a combination of fundamental techniques that cultivated an internal environment for healing and calmness. For the first time in over 15 years my mind and body began to unwind and lighten. 

This free workshop brings to you a piece of what I have learned so you can start to implement the principles in your own life.

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