Better Health, Less Confusion, In As Little As 10 Days

If complicated or conflicting advice has kept you from taking the first step toward better health, this FREE "Back to Basics" 10 Day Feel Better Challenge is for you!

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Good health doesn't have to be complicated.

Even with my most complex cases, we start with a a few foundational principles to then build upon. No amount of superfoods, supplements, therapies, or gadgets can make up for an inflammatory diet and imbalanced lifestyle.

By applying the essential concepts in this challenge, you will be well on your way toward living your best life.


This 10 Day Challenge is for any who is:

  • Just beginning their journey to better health and vitality.
  • Overwhelmed with complicated health tips that seem impossible to implement.
  • Unable to finance a personalized or group functional medicine program.
  • Looking to jumpstart a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
  • Really, just about anyone looking for a vibrant, balanced life!

In the FREE "Back To Basics" 10 Day Challenge you will:


  • Experience what it's like to finally FEEL GOOD!
  • Jumpstart a long term healthy lifestyle.
  • Gain access to content previously reserved for my concierge patients.
  • Reduce inflammation that contributes to aches, pains, and chronic disease.
  • Improve gut health which impacts digestion, bloating, immunity, and weight balance.
  • Stabilize blood sugar to experience greater energy, improved mood, and ward off metabolic imbalances.
  • Balance circadian rhythm to finally start getting the sleep you need to feel energized and focused.
  • Learn basic nutrition principles to fuel your body and provide the building blocks to better health - without confusion.
  • Prioritize the most impactful lifestyle elements - sleep, exercise, and stress reduction.
  • Receive the resources you need to start with confidence like recipes, checklists, sleep tips, and more!
  • Get 10 days of emails containing extra tips, resources, and encouragement.


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Already doing the basics? 

While good health doesn't have to be complicated, sometimes it is. Despite your best efforts, you may still be dealing with hormone imbalance, auto immunity, low energy, gut distress, anxiety, or stubborn weight. 

This is when a highly personalized and focused approach to your health care is needed. If you need help addressing the root cause of a persistent chronic condition, I can help.


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