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Let's talk about why your mind and body are setting off the alarm system and what you can do about it. 

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As someone who struggled with anxiety for 15 years, I want you to know that I see you.


It takes tremendous strength to push through life while fighting an invisible war. Even with a strong support system, anxiety can leave you feeling lonely, angry, sad, and confused. It can cause you to push away the people and experiences that you love in your life. I know what you are going through.

These are the questions that everyone struggling with anxiety should ask themselves:

  • Why am I experiencing these feelings of anxiety?
  • Is it possible to change this experience?
  • Am I ready?

Every human being has the capacity to heal. We are not supposed to struggle through life with constant anxiety. If you are one of the 300 million people in the world who suffers from the worry, agitation, sleeplessness, isolation and gut distress that come with anxiety, the Anxiety Liberation Project is made for you. This program will deepen your understanding of what triggers your anxiety symptoms and provide you the necessary tools to cultivate a calm, balanced life experience.

Not everyone will be in a position to begin a program like this one right now. Only you will know when its time to take your power back and start living the life you want. 

For those who are ready... welcome to your tribe. You are finally where you need to be.

What's really causing your experience of anxiety?


Often, we are told to "stay positive" or some other form of "think differently" to overcome anxiety. A true mindset shift begins when you stop trying to control your thoughts and discover that they are powerless to begin with.

Nervous System Imbalance

Individuals with anxiety spend too much time in the nervous system's "emergency mode". Learn powerful, evidence-based methods to balance this system and keep you in "calm mode". 

Gut Dysfunction

Your brain and gut talk to each other through the gut-brain axis. Issues such as nutrient deficiencies, food intolerance, dysbiosis, and dysglycemia often trigger anxiety related symptoms. We will walk you through the murky waters of nutrition and supplementation to take the guess work out of healing your gut. 

Hormone Imbalance

You have heard of PMS and "Roid Rage" so it is no surprise that hormone imbalances can influence feelings of anxiety as well. Discover which hormones are most responsible and how you can balance them, naturally.


Toxins, natural and synthetic, can cause high levels of inflammation, damage neurotransmitters, interfere with hormone balance, and burden the liver. We will guide you through the process of lightening your load of toxins that most affect your mood.

There is no shortage of health advice on the internet. You can easily find articles such as “how to eat healthy”, “the best workout for your body type” and “easy 5-minute meditations.” But I learned from experience that it can be overwhelming and confusing to sift through the contradictions and misinformation to find what really WORKS. I have done that for you. I have spent years compiling the most effective, evidence-based lifestyle improvements to address anxiety at its root cause.

May I present to you…the Anxiety Liberation Project


This all-encompassing program addresses the five primary root causes of anxiety in an easy to follow e-course. I will guide you through 7 weeks of critical changes to your nutrition and lifestyle that are designed to heal your gut, soothe your nervous system and relax your mind. You can easily implement these techniques with our included videos, guides, tips, and community. 

The following combination of simple, effective, evidence-based techniques will cultivate the right environment for mind and body healing. 


Is the Anxiety Liberation Project right for you?


I designed this program for people who are just like I was:

  • Absolutely fed up with anxiety and overwhelming stress
  • Longing for an improved life experience
  • Choosing to avoid or reduce chemical intervention
  • Ready to make changes to encourage healing
  • Desiring support from a community of people who have been there
  • Do not have the desire or time to sift through misinformation to find what really works
  • Unsure how to make lifestyle changes successfully


The ALP is NOT for those who want a change without making changes. You may choose which elements to include at a pace that feels right to you, but you must do something. Simply understanding the concepts will not be enough to change your experience. If you are tired of suffering, do the work, and you will see results. 

PS: This program is not intended to diagnose or treat medical or psychiatric conditions.

My Story

My experience with anxiety began when I was 18 years old, just beginning college, and learning how to navigate life as a young adult. I was suddenly in a new environment at a big school with an overbearing workload and no real direction on how to properly navigate it all. On top of everything else, I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship. That is when I started having severe panic attacks. It happened in classrooms, during social events, and even when I was at home alone. After the first panic attack, I was left with an underlying sense of anxiety that just stayed with me, this constant fear that another attack would happen any moment.

After a quick conversation with my medical doctor, I was prescribed antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Initially, I was happy to have anything that might help, but soon developed multiple side effects and felt like a zombie. So that was it for my treatment; no conversation about my imbalanced lifestyle, no therapist referral, just two prescriptions that I assume I was meant to take forever. Fed up with the worsening symptoms and side effects, I decided to taper off of the medication under the guidance of a medical doctor. The side effects continued for well over a year and the anxiety was more severe than ever. I felt like I had taken no steps forward and two steps back.

After almost 15 years of dealing with anxiety I had reached my limits. The level of pain, fear, and anger was finally enough to spur me into action. I had already seen how the principles of functional medicine helped my patients address the root causes of a long list of conditions, so why not anxiety? I devoured the literature to learn everything I could about addressing anxiety at its core. After much study, practice, experiments, and revisions, I discovered a combination of fundamental techniques that cultivated an internal environment for healing and calmness. For the first time in over 15 years my mind and body began to unwind and lighten. My healing story continues as I choose to incorporate the balancing principles into my life each new day.

My experience birthed the Anxiety Liberation Project. I wish that I had this program in my life 15 years ago. It is my hope that this will reach everyone who is open to it. To those who are seeking peace in their life, who want their power back, and are ready to do the work, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Anxiety Liberation Project.

Course curriculum

Introduction and Preparation

Discover what causes the experience of anxiety, beyond a "broken brain". Understanding the "why" provides powerful motivation for the "what". Provided in written and video formats to engage all types of learners. You will get a sneak peek into the five solutions that you will incorporate into your lifestyle over the seven week course. I also provide resources for you will be prepared to start strong!

Module 1: Mindset and Breath

I expose why telling yourself to "think positive" or "stop worrying" doesn't work. Learn the techniques that do work to quiet the mental chatter and release the power your mind has over your experience. You will be introduced to a new meditative technique each week, beginning with a guided meditation to ease you into your practice.

Also this week, you will incorporate small changes to your sleep, movement, nutrition and supplementation, and toxic load to jumpstart your journey and smooth your transitions in the upcoming weeks.

Module 2: Movement

Exercise provides more than just feel good endorphins. Learn how this powerful tool brings you into balance. How hard, how often, and suggested types of exercise are all covered topics this week. Explore my preferred form of exercise or choose what you enjoy the most!

Module 3: Circadian Rhythm & Sleep

Sleep can be elusive to those with anxiety and yet it is a critical part of the solution. I provide you with the tools, including morning and evening routines, to rebalance your circadian rhythm and break the cycle of sleeplessness so you can finally get the rest you need.

Module 4: Nutrition

The quality of your food determines so much about the quality of your health. Mental health is no exception. But why? Uncover how your nutrition profoundly affects your experience of anxiety. I then demystify what you should actually be eating and which supplements are most helpful so your body has what it needs to sustain calm.

I know how hard changing dietary habits can be, I had to do it too! That is why I have provided you with recommended food lists, snack suggestions, a food elimination guide with easy swaps, a dining out guide and a meal planner complete with delicious recipes. 

Module 5: Reflect

During this week you will continue to practice the lifestyle improvements made so far. Congratulate yourself for all that you have been able to accomplish. Even small changes should be celebrated. You will also take this week to reflect on any challenges you have had thus far. Then, incorporate solutions so you can continue on this journey, strong and at peace.

Module 6: Toxins

When you think of anxiety triggers, toxins and mold probably do not make the list. Learn how these affect your experience and which toxins should be avoided at all costs. I will walk you through the process of removing harmful substances from your home and body without feeling overwhelmed.

Module 7: Building A Lifestyle

The final week of this course is not the end, but the beginning of a new, anxiety free lifestyle. Learn how to incorporate what you have learned into your life in a way that is balanced, forgiving, and most importantly, effective.

You will receive a certificate of completion and a surprise gift from me!

5 Star Reviews

Kat O.

"Here is what I know so far…18lbs down, 70% reduction in anxiety, 90% reduction in depression, brighter eyes, thicker hair, and clearer skin. My friends even notice that I am genuinely happy now and I can handle being around large groups of strangers now. Mentally, I am so much healthier. I am excited about life again. I cannot wait to see what will come from this new healthier version of myself."

Emily H.

"My anxiety has calmed, my blood glucose levels have significantly improved, and I simply have a much better mindset about my overall health!"

Josh K.

"My energy level has tripled, my focus is on point and I can remember stuff! I didn't know that I could feel this good! I can't wait to see how much better I will feel tomorrow, or next week, or next year!"

Jeff R.

"I want to thank Dr. Zitt and his team for all their professionalism and care in helping me find a solution to my condition. I feel better than ever."

$197 with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Discover the underlying causes of anxiety.
  • Week by week guidance in addressing anxiety's 5 primary root causes.
  • Streamlined classroom setting. 
  • Over 100 pages of lifestyle and nutritional resources like recipes, morning and evening routine templates, and guided meditations to make your transformation easy.
  • Online community to discuss, engage and encourage.
  • 15% off coupon for desired supplements (optional).
  • Completion certificate and surprise bonus at the completion of the course.
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The Anxiety Liberation Project helps to facilitate your own self led journey toward peace. Because everyone's physiology and effort level will vary, we cannot guarantee results. We are confident that if you closely follow our recommendations, you will see improvement in your health and overall mood. If, for some reason, the information is not what you expected, you may request a refund within 30 days of the day you gained access to the program.

Still wondering if the ALP is right for you?

If you have further questions, contact us at [email protected]

Dealing with Stress or Feelings of Depression?

Stress is often a precursor to the experience of anxiety and depression and anxiety appear together 57% of the time! Fortunately, the root causes of anxiety are often responsible for overbearing stress and depressive emotions. This means that the Anxiety Liberation Project presents solutions with the potential to support your ability to handle mental stress and lift your mood.


Your active participation will help to improve the lives of others.

In addition to a lifechanging program, the Anxiety Liberation Project will serve as research. While all elements in this program have proven their individual effectiveness on the experience of anxiety, this program will measure the effectiveness of the combined protocol through pre and post course measures. Participants will respond to standardized questionnaires before beginning the program and at its conclusion. 

Collecting anonymous data on the effectiveness of the combined efforts allows for improvements to be made to this program and could have significant impact on how anxiety is ultimately treated in the greater population.

If you choose, you may save your scores to help you reflect on the improvements you have made to your own life experience.


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